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Are you made of stardust?

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“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” Carl Sagan

It’s impossible to be alive in this time, and not feel the pressing urgency of upheaval. Everywhere, signposts like war, water shortages, droughts and heat waves demand our attention. And often, our efforts feel too tiny in the face of avarice, mass production, consumerism, inequity, intolerance.

I’ve been thinking about the edge of materiality, where something recedes into nothingness. And in that nothingness, a cosmic depth that holds you and allows you to tumble through it. We all know that deep dark space at the end of a meditative practice, the end of a telescope, a moment of intense pleasure. Perhaps our intuitive connection to the space in an atom.

When my children ask me about the existence of Godly deities, I ask them:

Can you see love?


Can you feel love?


So you know it’s real?


It is well understood in the scientific community that we are all made of stardust. This is not an airy-fairy idea. It’s a fact. Our planet and its magnificent biome of creatures large and small are a manifestation of the matrimony of the periodic table of elements. Each of those elements a product of a burnt-out pre

historic star.

When you read about space, you read about celestial entities. My connotation with the word, has always been ‘the divine,’ ‘the unseen,’ the heavenly’. It feels like no accident of language that the word also defines unseen entities relating to the sun, moon, space and stars.

If all living organisms on earth are made of star dust, then every aphid and ant, grain of sand, grain of soil, fetus and grandmother are all cosmic relations. Our innovation and technology has robbed us of this deep primal knowledge. You are of the stars and the moon and the sun. And as we operate in silos from the natural world, we build walls and divides between nature and man; and man and man, we cause so much harm. We have abandoned our family.

Our western society teaches us how to be great competitors and great consumers.

Our response to pain or loss, is to go out and purchase something. 

We have to be courageous enough to STOP and say, “We have taken too much.” Our standards for everything instant and excess are the root of our undoing. If we connect with love, with the celestial, with the earth’s calling to us for healing, then there will be hope.

My invitation to you, small 1% increments towards being better. 

START TODAY. PLEASE. There is no time to waste.

  1. Buy preloved clothes. (read more about cheap sweat shop produced fast fashion)
  2. Buy gifts at thrift or vintage stores. There isenough stuff in the world. (read more about the plastic continents in the ocean)
  3. Feed your soil (read more about soil regeneration)
  4. Buy urban produce produced ethically without chemicals (Do that : here and here)
  5. Eat mostly plants and when you do eat animals, eat pasture raised, humanely reared ones. (Try this.)
  6. Connect with people, knowing that what is important to you, LOVE, Family, Trust and Safety, is important to them.


With love,

Dr Skye and the Health with Heart team of wonder women

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