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Developing Resilience May Be the Most Important Thing

Everyday Health partnered with The Ohio State University to understand Americans' resilience and its connection to our physical and emotional health. During the coronavirus outbreak, it's more important than ever. This is Liquid Fancy heading element Hard work Success needs hard work. Don’t listen to

Lock Down A Better Quarantine Meal Routine

While many things are beyond our control right now, the way we eat really isn’t. Sure, we want comfort food during this somewhat stressful time, but well-balanced meals should also be part of the equation. “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from

7 Red Flags of Job Burnout — and What You Can Do

A healthy dose of pressure at work can give you fuel — and make you even better at what you do. Job-related burnout, on the other hand, empties you out and kills your motivation. If it lingers too long, it also can negatively affect your feelings about life.