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Sleep with specialist, Dr Alison Bentley

De-somatisation, externalising the cure, trauma, energy medicine and healing with Dr Vanessa Pakirri

Building your child’s microbiome with Dr Kim Comline

Functional Dentistry with Dr Carla Pontes, building a healthy oral microbiome, gum disease and the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body

Men’s health with Dr Skye, Hormones, Cardio-metabolic, Autonomic nervous system regulation and Cancer Risk

With Ingrid Lotze, the feminine and the challenges of the new non binary landscape of gender.

Breath work as medicine with Dr Ela Manga. Exploring the physiology of breath, access to your autonomic nervous system and more about the lovely Dr Ela

Talking all things fertility with Dr Anthony Picton of Vitalab

In conversation with Nicola Varney, learning and development expert, we explore tools for communication, resilient and robust dialogue

Talking Microbiome, probiotics, food choices & gut-brain connection with Dr Melinda Whitfield

Understanding Autism, ADHD, lifestyle and genetics with Dr Rabbi David Nossel, all through a functional medicine lens

Intermittent fasting with our wonder patient, Maria Vithaldas