COVID-19 Strategy

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Our agile approach, means that you are able to select the services that best complement your current COVID-19 response; reducing your corporate risk in the workplace.
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13 000 unique patients screened in 12 months

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500 Pulse Oximeters dispatched

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300 cases a daymanaged

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300 hospital admissions facilitated

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6250 COVID + patients managed

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100 Covid + Patient follow ups a day

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50 patients managed on home oxygen

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60+ strong Doctor and Nurse Team

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>1000 Onsite Antigen Tests performed

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3200 – 5150 covid calls a month

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Service offering

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Covid-19 has been a catelyst for many things. Assessing and managing Covid-19 patients virtually has become our skillset. Our Doctor-Nurse team is ready to take your call seven days a week, twelve hours a day.

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Home Oxygen

We assess the need for and facilitate home delivery of oxygen as soon as your employees need it. Eliminating arduous paper trails and delays, we get you your life affirming resources as you need them.

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Pulse oximetry

The Covid-19 dawn has made everyone aware of some of the bio hacking tricks we have at our finger tips. Knowing the levels of oxygen attached to your red blood cells at any moment, is vital to proactive Covid-19 management. We dispatch devices, monitor and respond.

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Fit for work

We close the loop between business and the patient. This enables you to plan, staff up or down and stay on your toes. By assessing employees’ fitness to work as soon as they become unwell, we help you to avoid delayed return to work dates.

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Managing Long Covid

Bankmed reported in 2021 that up to 20% of their members were suffering from Long Covid symptoms. Employ our strategies to get people physically and psychologically back on track.

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