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Medical Services

We offer wellness to the individual and to your organisation. Our quest is to keep a bird’s eye overview in mind, while personalising our care towards the individual.

Acute Conditions

We pride ourselves on antibiotic stewardship and prudent prescribing.

Chronic Conditions

Management of Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome.

Depression and Anxiety

We provide meaningful human connection and time to rest.

Men's Health

Our practice is a safe and informative refuge for men.

Women's Health

Come in to talk about PAP smears, IUD’s, safe sex and menopause.


Entrust us with the care of your most precious.

Minor Surgical Procedures

We remove small lumps and bumps in our rooms.

Executive Medicals

Annual comprehensive medicals for executives.

Book a functional medicine assessment.

Take control of your health and invest the time and energy in preventing illness and optimising wellness. Please note these consultations are longer than standard consults and are charged accordingly at extended consultation rates.

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