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“Deep connections shape who we are and have a profound ripple effect on everything we do, supporting us to achieve more, withstand anything, and amplify impact.”

– Jean Oelwang

Dr Melinda and Dr Skye started working together in 2012 and Health with Heart was born out of their shared belief that every human has a right to radiant health and empathetic care. Over time, their devotion to their patients and their practice, Health with Heart has evolved to encompass more than just GP services. Their corporate wellness offering is rooted in the same deep connection to patient care and helps to bring purpose and meaningful connection to wellness in the corporate world.

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Our process

We do all we do by combining the clinical and the personal, by constantly honing our health offering to cover medical best practice along with a multitude of alternative therapeutic modalities. We look to allopathic, naturopathic, functional, and integrative health paradigms to help us plot a pathway forward for each patient.

In the corporate wellness arena, we adopt performance and productivity pivots – through strategic executive packages, through sustained support and scaffolding – to help leaders and teams get to where they need to be: focused, fit and future-ready. Because we know that this leads to better decision-making, better strategies, and better results.

Our founders

Our organisation is founded on friendship and deep trust. The patient doctor relationship is hallowed ground and we strive to protect and elevate it. We know that this shines through in every member of our team.

Health With Heart Dr Melinda Whitfield

Dr Melinda Whitfield

Director / GP

Health With Heart Dr Skye Scott

Dr Skye Scott

Director / GP

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