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Explore our new and intelligent personalized supplement journey; tailoring a cost efficient, high quality, daily supplement regime to your unique needs.

Combining your scripted medication and supplements into personalized packaging, we’re reshaping wellness. No more pill boxes! By signing up for this service, you can receive your chosen or recommended supplements pre packaged by day with your prescription medicines. This empowers you with an easy solution for optimized self care.

Not sure where to start and what supplements you need? Take our online assessment and we’ll provide tailored suggestions.

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How it works

Step 1

Made for you – Upload your Prescription and Select your Supplements. Our team of expert pharmacists will pack your medicine according to your prescription. And they’ll hand pick only the highest quality, clinically appropriate supplements that your body needs.

Step 2

Our pharmacy will claim directly from your medical aid as far as possible and they will contact you if there is a co-payment for your order.

Step 3

Always with you – Our friendly pharmacists are always only a call away and use advanced medication interaction software to support decisions across your prescriptions.

Step 4

Packed and delivered – We use machinery to sort and pack your different medications and supplements into easy to use pill pouches which are labelled with exactly when you need to take them.

No more forgetting, no more errors, delivered to your door.

Discover our catalogue of products.

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