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How we implement this

We do things differently

We do things differently, disrupting conventional corporate wellness by drawing on heterodox health practices and alternative therapies, introducing them wherever appropriate. We do this with a cool head, pragmatism and non-linear thinking. Our bodys are integrated organisms as are our organizations. The better the bird’s eye view, the more impeccable the synchrony of response.

We empower your leaders

We’re not just a flash 15-minute consultation and a hastily scribbled script. We help leaders and their organizations customize their healthcare options with care and clinical acumen. We broaden our base of modalities to suit the needs of each business and offer bespoke benefits that empower, educate, and extend the wellbeing of the people behind the business.

We harness technology

We are in the middle of a health technology revolution. Scalable health care; leveraging AI and technology are the certain responses to a looming healthcare crisis. With our finger on the pulse of this kind of change, we strive daily to bring humanness and care to this new world.

We adapt and innovate

Innovation speaks to insight, intent, and incisiveness. It speaks to agile interventions that lead to lasting, long-term results. It speaks to a vision that encompasses the entire spectrum of human behaviour in the workplace, catering to all needs, matching all must-haves, and going beyond that.

Because everything we do is intentional, deliberate, well-conceived, carefully considered, and rooted in a broad base of care.

It speaks to both our practice – and our promise: We understand your needs. We know your pain points. We’ll pull you forward. Now, and always.

Who we care for

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How can we help you shape your wellness culture?

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Our COVID-19 Track Record

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13 000 unique patients screened in 12 months

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6250 COVID + patients managed

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60+ strong Doctor and Nurse Team

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