Depression & Anxiety

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We all fall ill from time to time as a result of a microorganism over proliferating.

Reaching out for mental health support is often daunting. Our team has a depth of experience when it comes to screening, offering support and initiating treatment when appropriate. We do this sensitively and with a view of all of the facets that make up a contented nervous system.

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Benefit 1

We are conservative about our script writing, making certain that you absolutely need medicines before we prescribe them.

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Benefit 2

The consequence of allowing your body to use its natural defenses when possible is building and maintaining a healthy microbiome and not adding to the burden of overprescribing of antibiotics.

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Benefit 3

We can offer you a same day appointment in person or virtually.

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Neurohacker interview with zach bush on the microbiome link.

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