Ergonomic Program

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We all fall ill from time to time as a result of a microorganism over proliferating.

Our bodies are covered in microorganisms that form part of our microbiome. Every organisms has a counter organism and when we are in sync and feeling well, these colonies and counter colonies are in perfect balance.

We are extremely mindful of the impact that antib tioci scripting has on the microbiome and also to the sensitivities of these organisms to the drugs we use to kill them. Many pathogens are fast evading our pharmaceutical defenses due to over prescribing and poor compliance to scripted medicines.

Our bodies are designed to heal and in the primary health care setting, our best medicine is your body’s intuitive nature.

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Who Needs Our Tool?

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Employee Wellbeing

  • Impact of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Improved wellbeing
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Occ Health and Safety

  • Furniture requirements by division
  • Reduction in IOD claims
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Risk and Compliance

  • Legislative Requirements
  • Training
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