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In conversation with Nicola Varney, learning and development expert, we explore tools for communication, resilient and robust dialogue

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It was such a joy to sit with my dear, old friend Nicola Varney and share insights and tips for more robust communication and conflict resolution. Nicola’s experience in communication strategy, learning and development has spanned both the start up and corporate world. She brings with her to this conversation, her gentle sense of humour, her own vulnerability and real life examples from her day to day life; making this conversation so relatable and so applicable from the moment that you hear it. We both hope that you take this conversation to heart and that the next tricky moment that you have at work or at home, is navigated with more ease because of it.

After all, what defines us so uniquely as humans is our craft of language, best we use it for it’s highest purpose; developing deeper and more meaningful connections to those around us.

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