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On Lasting Love

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It feels appropriate to open this first episode in conversation with my parents. Their shining light in the world has lit so much of the magic that defines my human experience. In an increasingly confusing world of relationships, they offer simple tools and experience for fostering life long partnerships that are anchoring, safe and sacred.

We explore how commitment is a decision and how the right partner can call you to your highest self. The intimacy of sacred, life long partnership is an opportunity for self actualisation and awakening. In an era where we are thankfully shrugging the patriarchal constructs of age old institutions, this conversation shines light on the potential for beauty and transformation through authentic traditional partnership.

We know that people who are in committed, loving relationships, have better health outcomes and reduced all cause mortality. It is with gratitude and immense love, that I introduce my first podcast episode with Eleanor and Sidney Katzeff.

Eleanor is a mother, actress, writer, artist and well of wisdom. Sid is a father, mentor, Jeweller and now also an Imago therapist, his second career embodies his lifelong love of psychology. They both bring healing wherever they go.

You are in for a treat with this heart warming, funny, honest and practical conversation about lasting love.

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